A Path to a Morally Upright Generation

By Climate Ambassador Stephanie Sitali 16, Kamulanga High School, Lusaka  and Kondwani Ngoma, Facilitator

Being a youth is incredible, it is the one stage in life were potential is at its fullest.  It can also be a dangerous phase if not properly handled.  It is with this in mind that the life skills session held on Wednesday at ZCCC4 was important.

Life skills are meant to equip one with problem solving techniques that can be used in the management of personal affairs. The HIV skills training centred on the topics; delay in sex, stigma and discrimination, care and support, HIV and Gender.

16 year old Jeff Tembo from Chipata described the session as interesting, knowledgeable and inspiring. “I learnt that we do not have to discriminate but communicate with people infected with HIV and AIDS,” he said. As ambassadors, we must view HIV and AIDS as a titanic and the safest lifeboat is abstinence.

Self confidence and self assertiveness are key components in ensuring that children do not give in to peer-pressure. Not only does it lessen vulnerability but also helps build a society in which we can communicate and empathise with our colleagues.

The greatest ship is acknowledging HIV exists, working hand in hand to fight it by giving support and equality to all human beings and by saying no to HIV. We believe we can get to zero HIV infections!


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