RIO +20 – Sustainable Solutions Influenced by Youths

By Vanessa Njovu, Facilitator, Lusaka.

Over the past few years, the topic of Sustainable Development has raised great concern and brought about a lot of debate. This is because with the growing economies in most countries, environmental conservation is overlooked and more attention is focused on various developmental ventures.

Decision makers have to critically think about the current situation that the majority of Earth’s population is living in. Secondly come up with ways to sustain life, and at the same time protect our environment. A good question that we can ask ourselves is; how can we provide access to clean energy for everyone, and make sure that the energy we produce doesn’t contribute to climate change?

A good forum where such issues can be discussed is Rio +20. This is a UN Conference on Sustainable Development aimed at making policies that ensure a better future for mankind. This includes the creation of more jobs, access to clean drinking water, greater security and generally a better standard of living for all. The key thing is that policies that are implemented do not endanger our environment.

Echoing the words of the United Nations Resident Co-ordinator, Georgina Fekete. “RIO +20 starts and ends with you, start by helping formulate policy at youth level”


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