ZCCC4 Closes on an Inspirational Note

By Kondwani Ngoma, Facilitator, Lusaka

After four days of intensive training and skills building, the Zambian Children’s Climate Conference (ZCCC4) came to a close with 103 delegates being designated as Climate Ambassadors.

The ceremony was graced by the Brothers for life ambassador Kangwa Chilesha. His presence symbolised the role model we need in advocating for an HIV free generation.  Kangwa challenged the delegates to adopt healthy lifestyles if they are to attain their goals. “You are the generation that is going to change our country and continent, but that can only happen if you remain determined and focussed. Practice safe sex, respect people from the opposite sex especially boys,” he said.

Speaking at the same occasion, UNICEF Chief Communications officer, Patrick Slavin expressed delight at the optimism exhibited by the Climate ambassadors in coming up with work plans. “In the short time you have been here, you have done extremely well. What is important is to engage with your peers and become actively involved in conservation,” he said.

15 year old Stephanie Sitali from Lusaka spoke on behalf of the delegates. She described the conference as a huge success.  “We had a great experience from day one, we plan on using the information we received to sensitize our communities,” she said.

The closing of ZCCC4 is only the beginning of great things to come, years from now we will look back and marvel at the enormous progress we will score. Bear in mind where it all started and do not lose focus.


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