Zambian Children’s Climate Conference Kicks Off!!

By Ntalasha Chisha, Youth Facilitator.

The Fifth Zambian Children’s Climate Conference (ZCCC5) kicks off Today Monday 10th December,2012.The curtains will close down on the 14th.  The opening ceremonies takes place tommorow on the 11th and District Commisioners are expected to grace the occassion. The perfomances for the opening ceremonies will be spiced by the Delegates under the guidance of the barefeet Team.

The conference will attract 125 Child Delegates from 5 districts of Zambia. This time around the set up of the conference has been decentralized and the conferences will take place in the 5 districts simultaneously.

The five districts are MANSA in Luapula province, MONGU in western Province, SOLWEZI in North Western province, KABWE in Central Province, and KITWE in the Copperbelt. Copperbelt province branch Education officer (Mr. Chikanya Fidelis) for Wildlife Conservation Society of Zambia echoed on how good the conference is to the child delegates. In an Interview with ZCCC times Child Journalist he said the conference serves as a platform on which foundations to fight climate change are built. Look at this, every house needs a foundation before it is built.  This conference is building future leaders.

A child delegate who arrived at Mansa Lodge for the training as early as 07:30 hrs looking in a high mood said she can’t wait to get started, this is a dream come true.

The conference which was first held in April 2010 seeks to raise awareness on not only Climate Change but also HIV and AIDS. It falls under the Unite4Climate programme and has trained over 600 child climate ambassadors to date from around Zambia.


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