A taste of what was learned


Renewable Energy – Zambia’s opportunity to go green!

By Climate Ambassador Angel Kunda and Facilitator Kondwani Ngoma.

From time immemorial man has depended on energy for his livelihood. The two are almost inseparable, from lighting a fire to one using a geyser just to take a bath.  But in the face of climate change, we are challenged to explore options that will ensure our planet is saved from destruction.

70% of Zambians use biomass that is wood fuel and charcoal.   Deforestation accounts for 25% of man-made emissions.  It is with this in mind that one of the four climate sessions at ZCCC4 is renewable energy.  We have a number of renewable energy options ranging from solar, wind to geo-thermal. Solar energy presents us with the best prospects according to the energy expert from University of Zambia (UNZA), Mr Chengwe.  16 year old Stephanie Sitali echoed his thoughts. “Even if it is tough, we have to raise awareness especially in the rural areas where information is quite low. We to need to advocate for solar geysers and equipment that is energy efficient,” she said.

It is an inspired generation that will facilitate a green economy in Zambia. That generation is here, we can cling to these children for a clean planet. Meanwhile, lets heed to their calls that action is more important than words!

DIGITALES – A compelling way to communicate

By Prudence Bwalya, Lusaka High School, Grade 10.

The term digitale is made of two words; digi which stands for digital and tale which means story, so a digitale is a digital story. It can be used as a means of communication with people who are blind or deaf, who do not like reading and even those who do not understand the language being spoken.

A digitale can be about anything, it can be about imagination, emotion, circumstances, history and many more.

A sound recorder, digital camera and a computer are the instruments used in making a digitale because a digitale must have pictures in motion accompanied by sound.

A digitale must be clear and understandable, lasting not more than two minutes. Digitale pictures must have a well narrated story and the music must express the emotion of the picture. It must be very interesting to people of all kinds and ages.

The first stage in making a digitale is planning how it’s going to be and what story you’ll tell; starting with the title, then the introduction, climax and lastly the ending. The end of every digitale must have a Thank you to show appreciation to the viewers for watching.

My Community In Zambia

A POEM BY REUBEN NYAMBE, 14 yrs Old. Livingstone

I walk in the streets,

They are bare and lifeless,

I see that, The heat is unbearable,

The dust is chocking,

The plants are dry,

I see no children running around playing,

I see only a world that looks like a desert,

And that is how I see my community in the future,

Because nothing is being done to stop the damage,

But I can change all that by simply re-using,

Reducing and recycling,

I can make a difference if I educate my community,

I can change the future of my community,

And when I do…

I see flowers blooming,

I see children at play with smiles,

I see ants happily marching to the hills,

I see a beautiful world with colour,

I see change in my future,

Because I educate my community